The industry’s first ai-driven sub-metering platform

The Genergy platform helps ensure cost efficiency, informed decisions, and satisfied tenants.

  • Centralize electricity, gas, water, and steam
  • Cut down management time and overhead expenses
  • Monitor and fine-tune consumption patterns for savings
  • Provide tenants with up-to-the-minute data on their consumption
  • Pinpoint areas for potential energy and monetary savings
  • Foster a proactive approach to energy usage
  • Automate time-intensive invoicing
  • Ensure timely tenant payments
  • Maintain steady and predictable cash flow

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Helping property owners, small and large, unlock energy savings and reduce emissions


of users report significant energy savings with Genergy


have noticed a considerable reduction in carbon emissions


state that billing time is cut in half with our platform

“After switching to this platform, not only have I reduced the hours spent on billing, but chasing tenants for payments is now a thing of the past. It's truly transformative for property management. The cash flow consistency is just the cherry on top!”

Empire State Realty Trust

“Having all utilities managed in one unified platform has been amazing. It's simplified our operations, reduced errors, and given me peace of mind.”

Cushman & Wakefield

“Thanks to this platform, our tenants now receive and pay their invoices with unmatched ease. The positive feedback I've received is overwhelming; it's clearly made a huge difference in their overall rental experience.”

ABS Partners